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District and Session Court Peshawar Jobs 2023

 Job Positions At District & Session Judge Peshawar 2023

The District & Session Court in Peshawar, Pakistan, is a judicial institution responsible for handling legal matters at the district and session level. It is one of the key components of the country's judiciary system. The court deals with a wide range of civil, criminal, and administrative cases within its jurisdiction.

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Aaj Newspaper


Matric | Intermediate


Peshawar, KPK, Pakistan


 District & Session Judge

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Full Time


02 Years

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District and Session Court Peshawar Jobs 2023

Job Positions At District & Session Judge Peshawar

Latest District and Session Judge Jobs Peshawar 2023

Here are some general points about District & Session Courts in Pakistan, including those in Peshawar:

Jurisdiction: District & Session Courts have both original and appellate jurisdiction. They handle cases that are beyond the jurisdiction of lower courts and have the authority to review decisions made by subordinate courts.

Cases Handled: These courts handle a diverse range of cases, including civil disputes, criminal cases, family matters, land disputes, property matters, and more.

Hierarchy: In the judicial hierarchy of Pakistan, District & Session Courts are located above Magistrate Courts and below the High Court. They are a crucial part of the justice delivery system.

Sessions Judges: The presiding judge of a District & Session Court is called the Sessions Judge. They are responsible for managing the court's proceedings, supervising subordinate judges and magistrates, and ensuring that justice is served impartially.

Appellate Function: District & Session Courts also function as appellate courts for cases decided by lower courts. Individuals dissatisfied with a decision from a lower court can appeal to the District & Session Court to have the case reviewed.

Criminal Cases: The court handles criminal cases that fall under its jurisdiction. These cases can range from minor offenses to serious crimes, and the court's role is to ensure a fair trial and due process.

Civil Cases: Civil cases, such as property disputes, contract disputes, and other non-criminal matters, are also heard and decided by District & Session Courts.

Legal Professionals: These courts are staffed by judges, lawyers, clerks, and other legal professionals who work together to ensure the proper functioning of the judicial process.

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